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A) Tamil Nadu
B) Gujarat
C) Maharashtra
D) Bihar

A) 70th
B) 58th
C) 69th
D) 65th

A) 24th 
B) 20th
C) 25th
D) 26th

A) 88 
B) 85
C) 89
D) 90

A) 10 lakh
B) 9 lakh 
C) 15 lakh 
D) 12 lakh 

A) Rs 1 crore 
B) Rs 5 crore 
C) Rs 3 crore 
D) Rs 2.5 crore 

A) Dame Judi Dench
B) Sanjiv Chadha
C) J K Rowling
D) None of the above

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