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A) Nitan Jairam Gadkari
B) Susma Swaraj
C) Suresh Prabhu
D) Nirmala Sitaraman

A) Rs 2,500 crore
B) Rs 4,500 crore
C) Rs 3,000 crore
D) Rs 5,000 crore

A) Mizoram
B) Sikkim
C) Nagaland
D) Manipur

A) Rs. 2000 crores
B) Rs. 2700 crores
C) Rs. 2200 crores
D) Rs. 2500 crores

A) i-Dharshi
B) i-Dharti 
C) e-Dharshi
D) e-Dharti

A) 42
B) 44
C) 40
D) 48

A) Jhumpa Lahiri
B) Mindy Kaling
C) Padma Lakshmi
D) Rachel Roy

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