Current Affairs Questions » 2019 March » Mar 13 2019

A) 38th edition
B) 36th edition
C) 34th edition
D) 35th edition

A) 1 million
B) 2 million
C) 3 million
D) 5 million

A) 400 million mark
B) 250 million mark
C) 300 million mark
D) 500 million mark

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Current Affairs Headlines of 07th October, 2019
→ Uber Technologies Inc (UBER.N) has launched Uber Copter, the helicopter services, in New York.

Current Affairs Headlines of 06th October, 2019
→ The government-appointed new Chief Justices for seven High Courts.

Current Affairs Headlines of 05th October, 2019
→ Andhra Pradesh State government has imposed a ban on liquor shops near 100 meters of temples, hospitals or schools.

Current Affairs Headlines of 04th October, 2019
→ SS Mallikarjuna Rao was appointed as the Managing Director(MD)and Chief Executive of the Punjab National Bank(PNB).

Current Affairs Headlines of 03rd October, 2019
→ The government has appointed economist Surjit Bhalla as the executive director of the International Monetary Fund for a period of three years.