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President Ram Nath Kovind Unveils Book on Self Development in Delhi
News Article of 21st January, 2018



President Ramnath Kovind unveiled a book on the strengths and principles of the heart called ‘The Heartfulness Way‘, Kamlesh D Patel is the author of this book. This is the fourth guide to the heart.

Joshua Pollock is the second author of this book. It was launched by Minister Suresh Prabhu of The Heartfulness Way, has already achieved number one best-seller status on Amazon with the order, which has flooded the website.

The Heartfulness is an approach to the king yoga system of meditation which is called an intuitive path or natural path, which was established in the beginning of the twentieth century and was formally formulated in India in 1945 by Shri Ram Chandra Mission. .

Reading this book will enable us to stay beyond the filter of our sensory limitations and discover the unity within us. To practice the heart, want the essence beyond the practice, the reality behind the rituals. It is to center itself in the center of your heart and get real meaning and contentment there. (ANI)


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