A) Always equal to 1.6 e V
B) Greater in Ge than in Si
C) Equal to the width of the forbidden energy gap
D) Is the same in Ge as in Si  

A) The shape of the semiconductor
B) The life time of the carriers alone
C) The mobility and life time of the carriers
D) The mobility of the carriers alone

A) They have no valence electrons
B) All valence electrons are in e--pairs
C) They have a number of holes
D) There are fewer e- s than protons

A) Holes
B) Electrons       
C) Ions
D) Holes and electrons

A) Carrier mobility are higher Ge than in Si
B) Energy gap in Ge is smaller than that in Si
C) Atomic no. of Ge is larger than in Si  
D) Atomic weight of Ge is larger than in Si

A) Drift
B) Diffusion
C) Recombination
D) All of the above

A) Move the Fermi level away from the centre of the forbidden band
B) Move the Fermi level towards the centre of the forbidden band
C) Change the crystal structure of the semiconductor
D) Keep the Fermi level at the middle of the forbidden band

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