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A) 9.6 V
B) 4.8 V
C) 7.2 V
D) None of these

A) 3F
B) 5F
C) 1F
D) 2F

A) 0.25J
B) 0.50J
C) 1J
D) 2J

A) 10 K ohms
B) 100 ohms
C)  10 ohms
D) 1 ohm

A) 1mH
B) 7mH
C) 13mH
D) 19mH

A) 3 loop equations
B) 4 loop equations
C) 7 loop equations
D) 10 loop equations

A) Doubled
B) Halved
C) Decreased four times
D) Not changed

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