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A) 400%
B) 200%
C) 100%
D) 50%

A) None of these
B) Slides
C) Segment Presentation
D) Custom shows

A) Yes
B) No
C) -
D) -

A) Through the Format tab, choose a different layout
B) Change the appearance of the slides in the View tab
C) Access color schemes through the Design tab
D) Apply a different template to the presentation

A) You can insert text boxes from the drawing toolbar
B) Text boxes are provided when you choose a layout and can’t be inserted afterwards
C) You cannot insert text boxes from the drawing toolbar
D) None of these

A) ctrl + click each slide
B) shift + drag each slide
C) None of these
D) alt + click each slide

A) Detail to your Slide Master
B) A theme
C) A template
D) Animation

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