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A) Our followers are but a handful
B) Neither he nor I was there
C) Many a glorious deeds were done
D) Everyone of the boys loves to ride

A) He feels bad about the defeat
B) All the boy scouts wear half-pants
C) He hopes to secure good marks
D) Gavaskar is the Bradman of India

A) He was appointed to the post
B) Sunil cracks jokes with me
C) I am confident of securing victory
D) He has no house to live

A) He carried little Meenu and I on his shoulders
B) All that he said had no effect on me
C) Those who did this thing should be punished
D) It was I that gave away the prizes

A) It is time you went to bed
B) There is no end to troubles
C) We got out of the swimming pool and dried us
D) He gloried in his victory

A) Sumit is my elder brother
B) He is two years younger to me
C) He is the eldest man of this village
D) Ravi is five years older than me

A) He was hung for murder
B) I offered him a chair to sit on
C) Let's not intrude on his privacy
D) You should comply with the rules

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