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A) tell the examiner that the questions are out of course
B) provoke the candidates to walk out of the examination hall
C) try to know something from your neighbour
D) try to solve the questions as much as you know with a cool head

A) completely ignore her
B) attend the wedding
C) buy a gift for her daughter
D) congratulate her and make up some excuse for not being able to attend

A) smoke only becaue your friends are smoking
B) refuse to smoke
C) smoke but only in their presence
D) refust and lie to them that you have asthma

A) ask for additional help from the boss
B) take leave and go back home
C) just do your part of the work
D) try and work to the maximum of your ability to satisfy customers

A) throw things
B) withdraw yourself and start crying
C) leave the situation and engage yourself in a different activity
D) None of these

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