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- ‘Gully Boy’ wins NETPAC award in Bucheon film festival

- According to property consultant CBRE, New Delhi’s Connaught Place (CP) is the 9th most expensive office location in the world

- Apple’s Chief Design Officer, John Ive will quit Apple after more than two decades



(Q) Which state government set the target to become one trillion dollar economy in coming years ?

(A) Uttar Pradesh

(Q) India’s first elephant rehabilitation centre will be situated in _______ ?

(A) Kerala



World Population Day is observed on July 11th every year to raise awareness on disadvantages caused due to over population.

The World Population Day was established by the Governing Council of the United Nations Development Programme in 1989.



- 1984 Born : Rachael Taylor, Australian actress. She filmed in many TV series (Grey‘s Anatomy, Charlie‘s Angels, 666 Park Avenue). Role in Transformers (as Maggie Madsen) made her worldwide popular.

- 1979 The first American space station Skylab was destroyed as it re-entered the atmosphere of Earth over the Indian Ocean. The space station worked from 1973.



1. ALEATORY (ADJECTIVE): unplanned

Synonyms: impromptu, random Antonyms: deliberate, methodical

Example Sentence:

Gambling has ruined many because of its aleatory nature.



(Q) Which one of the following countries has the largest Forest area in the world ?

(A) Brazil

(B) Canada

(C) Russian Federation

(D) United States of America

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