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B) HDFC Insurance
C) Bajaj Finserv
D) ICICI Lambord

A) Russia
B) Bangladesh
C) Singapore
D) Nepal

A) Tanmay Bhat
B) Gaurav Chowdhary
C) Ajey Nagar
D) Kabita Singh

A) 22nd
B) 23rd
C) 20th
D) 19th

A) 2.3 lakh
B) 2 lakh
C) 2.5 lakh
D) 2.7 lakh

A) Patrick M.Shanahan
B) Jeffrey Rosen
C) Mike Pompeo
D) Rod Rosenstein

A) Virat Kohli
B) Dhawan
C) Rishabh Pant
D) Both A and C

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Current Affairs Headlines of 16th December, 2020
Singapore approves Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine

Current Affairs Headlines of 15th December, 2020
→ Big Bazaar, one of the leading hypermarket chain in India, is planning to open 16 new stores over the next three quarters.

Current Affairs Headlines of 14th December, 2020
→ Bill Gates was conferred with the Life-time Achievement Award at the TiE Global Summit 2020 held virtually.

Current Affairs Headlines of 12th December, 2020
→ SBI General Insurance has partnered with Mahindra Insurance Brokers through Sajhedaari programme.

Current Affairs Headlines of 11th December, 2020
→ Canada has approved Pfizers corona vaccine for people over the age of 16.