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1. LOLL (VERB) : to act in a leisurely manner

Synonyms : sprawl, slouch Antonyms : energize, straighten

Example Sentence :

As children we were never allowed to loll in front of the television in the summers.



Important study notes of Geography

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- 1987 Civilian population of Iranian town of Sardasht was targeted for chemical attack by Iraqi warplanes. This was the first such incident in military history.

- 1985 Died : Lynd Ward, American author and illustrator, known for his series of wordless novels in woodcuts. These novels much influenced the development of the graphic novel.



(Q) Fundamental Right are granted to citizens under which Article ?

(A) Articles 79-92

(B) Articles 135-162

(C) Articles 25-38

(D) Articles 12-35

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PC Mahalanob is was born on 29th June 1893 in Kolkata. Died on 28 June 1972 in Kolkata. He is offen called as ‘Father of Indian Statistics‘.



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