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- India‘s first underwater train project in Kolkata under the Hugli river is about to be completed.

- Former President Pranab Mukherjee, was honoured with India’s highest civilian award, Bharat Ratna.

- Every year 10th day of August is celebrated as International Biodiesel day.



(Q) Who topped the list of highest-paid female Athletes 2019 published by Forbes ?

(A) P.V. Sindhu

(B) Serena Williams

(C) Naomi Osaka



Every year 10th day of August is celebrated as International Biodiesel day.

During the 1850s two scientists named as E. Duffy and J. Patrick had designed the first diesel engine.



Royal Observatory, Greenwich :

The Royal Observatory, Greenwich (known as the Royal Greenwich Observatory or RGO when the working institution moved from Greenwich to Herstmonceux after World War II) is an observatory situated on a hill in Greenwich Park, overlooking the River Thames.



- 1990 The Magellan spacecraft, also referred to as the Venus Radar Mapper, reached Venus fifteen months after its launch (May 5, 1989).

- 1989 Born : Brenton Thwaites, Australian actor known for his roles as Luke Gallagher in the series SLiDE and Jonas in the film The Giver.




Synonyms: hidden, covert Antonyms: known, common

Example Sentence:

The conspirators have an arcane plan behind their act.



1500 Computer Awareness Bits :

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(Q) Which among the following is not a true fruit ?

(A) Apple

(B) Date

(C) Grape

(D) Plum

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