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- Former Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Babulal Gaur passed away.

- Former India paceman Shanthakumaran Sreesanth’s life ban has been reduced to 7 years.

- Indian Railway’s 2nd double-decker Uday (Utkrisht Double-Decker Air Conditioned Yatri) Express will run between Visakhapatnam and Vijayawada.



(Q) Which of the following company announced the promotion of its Chief Financial Officer Madhur Deora as the company’s President ?

(A) Flipkart

(B) Paytm

(C) Freecharge



Madras Day is a festival organized to commemorate the founding of the city of Madras (now Chennai) in Tamil Nadu, India.

A small group of people who love this city launched a unique celebration in 2004.



Udupi Rajagopalacharya Ananthamurthy (21 December 1932 – 22 August 2014) was a contemporary writer and critic in the Kannada language born in Thirtahalli Taluk and is considered as one of the pioneers of the Navya movement.



Denton Arthur Cooley (22 August 1920 - 18 November 2016) is an American heart surgeon famous for performing the first implantation of a total artificial heart.



- 1979 Died : James T. Farrell, American writer and poet, best remembered for the Studs Lonigan trilogy, that was made into a film and television series.

- 1978 Died : Jomo Kenyatta, Kenyan politician, the 1st President of independent Kenya from 1963 till his death. He is often considered to be the founding father of the Kenyan nation.




Synonyms: foregoing, pioneering Antonyms: following, last

Example Sentence:

They completed all the preceding actions before starting the new ones.



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